Sunday, February 8, 2009

Good Bye...My Chinese New Year!(PART 1)

IT IS ALMOST,The End Of Chinese New Year.Well,there is nothing special in my Chinese New Year if Compared to others.But,there is something special for me.It seem to be really Paradox right?,I still think deeply.Where should I start from?Before New Year? During New Year? or After New Year(nonsense)?

Well,after deeply consideration,I decided to start 2 day(not short form of today) before New Year.That day which is the day I came back from Nilai International University College.

My Journey Start From 10.30 pm and reach my home at 7.00am!Quick long time right?
It take about 9 hours.

After, reach home,I decided to take a sweet dream,however, An angel(Zheng Yang) SMS(Short-Message-Service)me and
said"wake up from sweet dream as I have an Mission Impossible to You that is drive me to Jusco to buy somethings -New Year things"

As it is my angel as well as best friend,so no choice lo,sacrifice my sweet dream to complete mission impossible.

But,for me,every things have it advantages and disadvantage too.At there ,I explored a new thing that is Doreamon Favourite-Doraeyaki.

Taste is acceptable erm BELOW AVERAGE as the taste of the egg taste is little big concentrate.

It got 4 flavor
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Red Bean
  • Groundnut
But,I forgot to capture the strawberry flavour as wanted as never try before.As a result,I and my friend fast fast eat liao lo.

Here is it,the place(PAN KEKI DORAEYAKI)

My friend -Zheng Yang waiting for the Doraeyaki in serious manner.(Hey faster la!I want eat liao,I am hungry)

Suddenly,a boy and his parents come to interrupt.U see my friend expression,look shock but angry and said in mind- Please don take over my Daraeyaki la,I wait for so time liao...sop..

Here is it,the Pan Keki Doraeyaki.Look like a brown color Pao right?

Here is it,BEAN FLAVOR!



  • ALL Look nice?
  • Last is strawberry flavor.
  • Where is the picture a?
  • hehe,Imagine Yourself,that is mine answer or u can go there to have a look.



Last but not least,I Would like to thanks Ms.Chun xia jie(But,I like call Daxia)sound nicer.
Her blog is
Because,She teach me how to make the picture to Transform,look like a special magic.



Anonymous said...

lol...我叫春霞。but pls dun call me 大霞。。。哈哈哈哈。。。。

Anonymous said...

还有你打错子啦,什么he teach me。。我是女生哩。。。。