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Happy Chinese New Year.It is about one week I don't post out my blog as little busy and feeling no mood to post it as now i totally soaked in Chinese new year mood.

Last time,I have said ,I would like to share some of mine aviation life in Nilai International university college.Now,I will touch about it,during Chinese new year.Really slow right?

Actually,during school life,almost every week,I and my class will attend one day instruction training in private airport(Dnest) at subang.We been there by school bus or by van,this up to how many people attend to there.

here is it,my school bus.we been there by it.In fact,It is the previous look.But,now look like a grasshopper.

here is the van,it look like,the van doing the exhibition.

Here is the way to subang.You just need to follow the,sign board you sure can reach subang

By the way,in the way to Dnest (what kind of English is it?-By the way, in the way)I manage to photograph the MAS staff shuttle bus.The shuttle name make like feeling like the bus is for space shuttle staff.

Here is the front gate of Dnest .Look ugly right?But,it is the temporary gate. Moreover ,,you can learn to fly here,fly with aeroplane not fly by yourself.

Here is the new way to Dnest.Shy,forget to capture the New front gate as there got guard which watch over there which inhibit the stranger to going in.This prevent of aircraft hijacking.Also,photography is totally inhibit in here.So,I am doing the totally illegal things as I take photo.Hope your all don't learn from me.

*Aircraft Hijacking-Aircraft hijacking (also known as skyjacking and aircraft piracy) is the unlawful seizure of an aircraft by force, either by an individual or a group. In most cases the pilot is forced to fly according to the orders of the hijackers.

My friend and I were walk there step by step to there.(Of course la,if don't walk ,you fly there a?)-Malaysia style English.Got many LA as well as A.Many there are too Many lala( a kind of shellfish )here.This style mostly adopted by Chinese.

here is our class,crowded right?Actually,it is the first day we go (In the year 2oo8 of October)
The people decrease from week to week.This picture taken at 12 Jan 2009 just have about 8 people.(Our class have 27 people)

this taken at 19 January 2009 ,just have 6 people been there.
1.)Why do this happen?
2.)why now the student not self discipline?
3.)are these university college student?
4.)how came a aviation student behave like this?
5.)that is not up to the aviation standard.

I believe,when you see these situation,you sure asking same questions as i have been mention,right?

Now,I would like to tell the reason,why the students do so.

  • -First of all,the class is too boring as the engineer there or the people whole responsible to teach us,are seldom to class as they are busy with their job.
  • -secondly,the place that we go just an private airline,and mostly there just an small size aeroplane if compared to commercial airline like MAS as well as Air Asia.
  • -eventually,the student loss their interest for going to Dnest.
  • -lastly,I feeling bore and feeling can't learn thing from there as,we are inhibit to touch the aircraft as well as capture picture for the purpose of education.How can we learn,if in such situation?
  • -In addition,the students been there just stay in class and mostly the time spend with watch movie with laptop.This is because ,the engineer busy with their job.wasting time right?
Actually,I have complain many times to the coordinator(Mr.Kunalan),but still haven't taken any action.
Before the new year,Mr.Kunalan said,he would like to change the place,and he will announce the result after the Chinese New year.Hope,it will come true.

Erm,I am consider lucky,as before Chinese new year,just have 6 people been there.So,the engineer there called us to help to wash the aircraft and I learn some technique from there.
Wash this small aircraft cost RM 1200 or more.

Here ,is the engineer whole order us to wash and clean the aircraft.He got one habit,and like to said FUCK ,even in front of MAB(Malaysia Airport Berhad), airline Police.

*MAB-Malaysia Airports Berhad (MYX: 5014
) is a Malaysian airport company who manages most of the airports in Malaysia. They were also recently awarded the duty to manage airports in international destinations.

These Picture is me and my friend (Faris) washing the Landing Gear of aircraft.Please don't learn from me.Photography is prohibited.

The Next Blog ,I would like to Share some Dnest Aircraft Galleries.Please don't miss it.


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