Sunday, January 18, 2009


Hello everybody!

Today is the first time I create my blog that why there are so many first in my title.
Today,i don't know why,my mind start to refresh all the past things that i gone through in this university life as well as my past life.

Thus, I decided to share my things with other,hope from there you can get some joy as well as value from there.

At mine profile,I have touch and said that,I PREFER PICTURE MORE THAN THE WORD-一图解千字.

So, I would like to share some picture with you all! Hearing Yui Music and uploading picture.!quick enjoy it.

this is mine funny-look pic.hehe...look so guai lan right?(SAM comment,u will know he when u see this blog)

well that is logo of my recently school(Nilai University college)at negeri sembilan.But i feel,it look like the pallas shoes logo.hehe.If u don believe u check n see.

well,that is full map of our school,look like inside the jungle right.?hehe..yeap!it is like a jungle,in there got monkey,rooster,cat,dog,bird,fish inside the the lake(at jogging track) and even a jungle pig (my friend said ).
But,it is at the jungle(at the hillock there and it is protected by fence)don't worry it will hurt you,except the monkey sometime will jump inside the apartment to steal food.But the monkey 24hour is at the girl apartment instead at boy apartment,may be there are so many beautiful girl at girl apartment until the monkey unwilling to go away

erm,this place look familiar.This is at the KL.This is the first time i go to KL by myself,erm i mean self travelling.The Chocolate block there is the Times Square and got many 'lala mui' and 'lala zai' there.hehe..(lala mui and lala zai is the nick name which give to the people from setiawan,perak)

this make me refresh back during the high school time,the EYE OF HEAVEN.Look beauty right?

that is mine class,Aircraft maintenance engineering class.All is Gun(mean boy).It is jargon word.
"Jargon word-I learn this from Human factor.Mean,the word which have its own meaning,difference culture have difference meaning,this jargon word normally will lead to mis-communication."

but one of them already,go to piloting under the MAS(Malaysia Airline System)

here is he(His Name is SAM).Now,he go for piloting .Look Handsome right.?
Actually,this picture i steal it at msn display picture by using MSN plus programme.U can download it at google.Don tell him lo.

That is he farewell party Cake-"Good Luck Capt.Sam)

Before he leave,our good friend(jia jin and phelix)given GOODBYE BREAST CHA. That is the famous "hand skill"in my class.U see how enjoy the captain sam.

Also,before he leave the Nilai University,i have a change to go out with him(SAM) and the kah hok,3 of us to Jogoya,a place near sungai wang-place for eat until u burst.

here is it,inner part of it look amazing right?inside there still got grass.

here it is the food.RM 88.00 .expensive right.?
RM88.00 for boy and RM44.00 for girl.not fair right?

Actually,it is not expensive,u can eat what every u like,all there is high class food,abalone red wine and oyster and etc.too much.But i just manage to capture this,because that time I am Using Motorola L6 so the picture quality not as good as other.

This event make me refresh back one of the friend kah hok.WE both have been to kuala pilau,for enjoy the natural bath there(a stream there).
Kuala pilau is at the seremban,negeri sembilan.

this is the Majlis pebandaran semremban! got the tradisional feeling right.?After that,we travel to kuala pilau by bus(aiya forget to capture the bus)hehe,paise.erm cost about
RM 3.70.If i am not mistaken.

here it the place,this is outside ,and inside still got place for swing ,and it is cleaner.Of course , we both need to walk.Nothing good thing is for free instead you must work for it.

and we manage to capture some fish at the stream,by using mine magical bread.hehe..
Aiyo, forget zo.said too long liao.All of you very curious right.Every new student for the university sure have orientation week and orientation night right?

here is it,this is the first meeting place at MCd,the school provide the bus and took us to travel around nilai which the Nilai Bus will come across.

This is during the orientation night,the title of that day is-james bond,Casino Royal.During that time i react as the James bond for mine group(lollipop group).

This is our whole lollipop group member.Got many beautiful girl right?

This is the picture which I capture with my friend.Also,I want thanks to photographer Lin(Second people Count from left) for that orientation night.and the last people,nick name is polar bear o.

it is last for today,i am using 6 hour for create this first blog at blogspot.Erm.feeling good.and i will continue to write blog.Don miss it ya.

To be continue....


Anonymous said...

hahahhaha , nice shot ~!!!! hahaahah~ but u have some wrong gramma there ~

RachelT said...

hello there ,my friend..
long time no see but NO even miss you,haha..

congratulation cause you already step toward your dream..