Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dnest Aircraft Gallery

Here I would like to share some picture that i Have capture.But ,It is not a good photo as I capture in improper way as photography is prohibited.

This is the Bombardier aircraft look not so nice right?Actually,this aircraft are use with the purpose to extinguish fire.It can land on water as well as store water inside the aircraft.Whole Malaysia just have one.Amazing right?

Here,is the blue aircraft.I hear that,it is malaysia Maxis CEO private aircraft.

This is the B737-900 .It general used for private jet and it is large in size.

Head and tail of an aircraft.

some of the small size aircraft.Look not so nice right?But I feeling good as can seen by my own eye in close way.Not many people can have that experience.

Hope u would like it.I can not talk much on that.By the way,I hear some news(Gossip)some the aircraft is the Malaysia Minister Owner.They Rich right?How come an ordinary minister have an aircraft?the aircraft Cost some million.
Hope you all enjoy it.
Next blog I would like to share some Commercial Aircraft Cool Image.I am sure you all like it because I also Like it.

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